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Nouvelle bathroom tissue is super soft and eco responsible, it is manufactured in the UK and made from a mix of recycled & also ethically sourced sustainable paper. Each beautifully embossed roll is 2 Ply (layers) and has 207* sheets, each roll is 25.8* metres long so it lasts a long time! Available in your local retailer in packs of 4, 9
and 16.


Hi just a thank you to say I love your toilet roll. It's so soft but not too thick. I found with some other brands that my partner doesn't like them because they’re too thick or too thin but we find Nouvelle just about right. Thank You!
Jessica from Kent

I've been buying Nouvelle toilet rolls for a long time now, and thought its about time I gave some feedback. I'm a mum of 3 on a tight budget so to start with the price is great. But also the quality of the paper is really good and not a bit scratchy on the botty! Great for little noses too. And lasts a lot longer than previous toilet rolls I've tried!
Zoe from Kent

We have been using your wonderful product for a very long time and wanted to give you some feedback. My family and I love Nouvelle toilet paper and have found it to be really soft and lovely, very easy on the skin and the children especially cannot seem to get enough of it and when I have purchased other brands every member of my family notices - apparently it is due to the difference in texture and feel thus I will continue to buy it.

Hi I thought I would let you know that your toilet tissue is a family favourite of ours and will now buy it on a regular basis.
Zoe from Malvern

Hello I use your toilet roll quite often and cannot believe how soft it is, and very good quality, I think it was right in me emailing you to let you know what your customers think, I look forward to continuing to use your product, thank you!
Jodie from Westfield

I’ve been buying your product for a long time now and wanted to give you some feedback. I would just like to say how much we, as a family, like your toilet roll.  Not only is it soft, with 3 small children that is a necessity, but it is also safe to the environment. I will continue to buy your products in the future.
Claire from Newcastle

I think that your toilet roll is extremely soft and great value for money.
Georgina from Herts

Hi, I am writing to bring to your attention how happy I am with your products, I find this tissue the strongest brand in the shops, I will be recommending to friend's and family!
Leanne from Merseyside

I am writing to say how much myself and my family love your products. We have tried others but it doesn't match up to your standards. Please keep up the great work.
Robyn from Norfolk

I’d like to let you know how much I love the softness on your toilet roll! Its now the only tissue I buy!
Emily from Swansea

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